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About Me

Tenzin Gyurmey Dorjee was born in 1987 in Kamrao village, Himachal Pradesh.  I am interested in exploring the paradoxes present in ordinary things in my life. I focus on the concepts and associations simple objects can carry. By exploring a theme with different mediums of expression, I try to gain new insights about an object that was previously mundane.  Most of the subjects in my work are people who are close to me as family or friends or even neighbors. I am interested in how global changes in culture, politics, climate, science, etc can impact our local surroundings. And my works are reactions to those global changes through my personal stories.  Most of my paintings are done on tarp sacks commonly known as “drochak bureh” in the Tibetan community (drochak means barley and bureh means sack).  As refugee, most of our basic food supplies come from USA aid in tarp sacks and we have been using this material for various household purposes for quite a long period of time.


I was taught drawing in the Tibetan traditional style at the age of 6 by my father Tulku Troegyal.  I majored in science in Himachal Pradesh and then moved to Delhi for higher studies.  I have been practicing arts professionally since 2013.  My studio practice is currently based in Delhi.

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